April 6, 2015

Chocolate Book Tag

Hi guys! So I was tagged by lovely wife Erika over at Rickus Bookshelf to do the Chocolate Book Tag. Chocolate and book in the same sentence, whaaat? It sounds amazing but we’ll see how this goes!

Dark Chocolate – A book that covers a dark subject
Ooh wow. I’m not sure I’ve read any books like this? What qualifies as a dark subject anyway? And does it have to be a “real” dark subject or can it be like a crazy ass fallen angel trying to kill a teenage girl? Hmm. I mostly read books that holds some sort of fantasy/paranormal element (e.g nephilim, vampires, fairies) so I’m not really sure about this. But I guess that “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett kind of deals with a dark subject. Racism and all that jazz.

White Chocolate – Your favorite light hearted/humorous read
Damn these questions are hard! So I’m just gonna go with the last book I read where I actually laughed out loud. That book is “See Me” by Wendy Higgins. Favorite funny line: “Holy shitballs. We’re in the Shire.” I wrote a review on the book, you can find it here: http://mindcrazed.blogspot.se/2015/03/see-me-by-wendy-higgins.html

Milk Chocolate – A book with a lot of hype that you are dying to read
Just one? But there are so many! Okay, so I’m gonna pick the one that’s currently on its way to me. “A Darker Shade of Magic” by V.E. Schwab, or just “ADSOM” as it’s called by the fans. I’ve been looking forward to reading this since way before it was published but I couldn’t afford to preorder it so when I had to place and order for a book for uni I just thought “What the hell, I’ll just sneak it in there”. So it’ll be here soon, damn postal service shuts down over the holidays. Darn you Easter!

Chocolate with a Caramel Centre – A book that makes you feel all gooey in the middle when you read it
Gooey huh? Tough one. I don’t usually feel gooey, or maybe I do. Who the hell knows? All I can think about is the last few pages of “Sweet Reckoning” by Wendy Higgins. You say gooey and I think happy tears? Haha, I don’t know. But I cried happy tears at the end of that book so I’m gonna go with that. Does that qualify as gooey? Link to my review.

Wafer-Free Kit Kat – A book that surprised you lately
Holy mother of god! I think we all know which book surprised me lately. “There You Stand” by Christina Lee was a definite surprise for me. Who knew right? I don’t really need to say more do I? You’ll find my review of the book here.

Snickers – A book that you are going nuts about
“Sweet Temptation” by Wendy Higgins. I know there’s a lot of Wendy going on here but I can’t help it! She writes amazing books and she’s also such a kind, lovable person. If you haven’t read any Wendy, please do. “Sweet Temptation” is out in September and is available for pre-order on amazon: Sweet Temptation pre-order link

Hot Chocolate with Cream and Marshmallows – A book you would turn to for a comfort read
I don’t have a comfort read. At least I don’t think so. Maybe “Twilight”? No, that’s not it. Hmm. But “Twilight” and “Fifty Shades” are the only books I’ve ever re-read. I think. Hmm. This is tough.

Wow okay, this was harder than I thought it would be! But thanks for bearing with me!

And for the tagging:
Aimee @ Deadly Darlings

Not really sure if you ladies do these sorts of things. but hey it's worth a try

xx Kayla

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