April 7, 2015

The Zeuorian Awakening by Cindy Zablockis (The Zeuorian #1)

Original title: The Zeuorian Awakening
Year published: 2013
Published by: CZ Publishing, LLC
Number of pages: 254
First sentence: “Everything can change ina blink of an eye, Lexi Greene learned the hard way after her parents had died.”

Plot: Lexi’s no ordinary teenager. She was born with the ability to read minds and sense danger. But on her seventeenth birthday, she realized how different she was after transforming, literally that is. Now she’s developing powers stronger than a superhero. But she’s no superhero. 

Far from it. 

She has no control over her abilities and causes accidents every time she’s nervous or upset, which being a teenager is hard to avoid, especially when the most popular boys in school are fighting to be with her. 

If that isn’t bad enough, a stranger is following her. She doesn't know who he is or what he wants, yet he knows all about her abilities and that she’s developing more. And . . . he’s her only hope of understanding why she’s changing and others are after her. What she learns will send her life into overdrive.

My thoughts: Okay, so this was a very fast read, I think it took about three hours combined from start to finish. At the beginning I thought “no”, mostly because the language was lacking. But I continued with the book anyway because I thought that the story might be interesting. Which it was.

Lexi has had the power to read minds and feel danger since she was a child but on her 17th birthday she’s “transformed” and suddenly she can move objects with her mind. As if that wasn’t weird enough all the boys suddenly want her. Speaking of those boys, can I just, wow, okay. So at first there’s Tyler, a jock with kind of a soft side. Lexi has liked him since she first move to Brookings two years prior and he’s kind of cute. So when he claims to have saved her from being kidnapped she believes him, ‘cause he always only wanted what was best for her, right? So all is good, until his crush on her turns into like full stalker mode. I was thoroughly creeped out and then when he basically tries to rape her (maybe it was worse in my head than it actually was?) I’d just had about enough of that guy. There’s also Everett, a surfer “ish” dude who’s really nice. He also shares some interests with Lexi, such as cars, horror movies and a dream of studying at MIT. And then there’s this mysterious guy inside Lexi’s head who tells her to stay out of danger, this also happens to be the guy Tyler saved her from and who’s been following her. Hmm. Plot thickens. So who is this Watcher guy? Is it Tyler, yeah could be, until Lexi telepathically tells him not to have sex with her and he sort of doesn’t listen.
There’s also the fact that Lexi has lost her memories of an entire summer, namely the summer before her parents died. Apparently she spent it in Colorado, falling hopelessly in love with a boy, who knew about her powers. So can this boyfriend she can’t remember be her Watcher, maybe who knows?

Okay, so basically what we’ve gathered is that this book is really cliché, or maybe cliché isn’t the right word for it? Hmm. Anyway, it was obvious, sort of anyway. But still I kind of liked it, although there are a lot of unanswered questions lying around. I definitely want to read the next book in the series.

So do I recommend it? Yeah, sure. If you want a fast read that has a somewhat interesting story.

Goodreads rating: 3/5

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